Beneath A Copper-Tint Sky (poetry)

So with the dying light ducking below sea-oat covered dunes, we traced the last dozen steps of sand and made our way home.

Family Tree (short story; pt 1)

Abraham Lincoln, complicated relationships, family, Wal-Mart and a wedding -- what more could a girl ask for?

Blair (poetry)

The name synonymous with....

Jabberchocky, w/ apologies to Mr Carroll (poetry)

'Twas brillig, and the slivered trolls Did cast their nuts into the fray; All fragrant were the minty cremes, And their chocolate coats arrayed.

Minstrel man (poetry)

He's paid the toll, for forever flight plays all day, and plays all night...

New Directions (poetry)

it calls me because it is the rhythm of varying textures...

Push the button (short story; pt. 2)

well, email says that the work day is done…Yeah, I just got a note also...

The Perfect Word (podcast)

Author Hunter Dasten reads his poem, The Perfect word accompanied by music.

The Seven Questions (pt. 7)

McCabe continues his exploration of Seven Questions, a narrative essay exploring truth, life and what it all means to be a human.

The Twelfth Sign (poetry)

In a stormy sea brilliant blue...

Transition (poetry)

World (poetry)

World, what have done to you?

Words for Ra (poetry)

I saw the sun. Like a bloody egg yolk...

When the Storm Comes (podcast)

Author Hunter Dasten reads his poem, When the Storm Comes Out.

Short Girl on Piercing (comic)

Original artwork from southerncreativity's flickr group

Walking Down River Street (poetry)

A golden day has emerged from winters deepest sleep, as the sunshine inundates the earth with a fresh energy.